Recent Bird Sightings

Blue Mockingbird

The most rare of all 130 bird species sighted during the Laredo CBC was the Blue Mockingbird, which team leader Tom Langschied of Kingsville spotted near the international railroad bridge.

Golden-crowned Warbler

Birder Susan Foster’s team from Rockport, TX spotted the Blue Bunting and Golden-crowned Warbler at a Laredo ranch.
“We found the Golden-crowned Warbler by chance,” she said, noting that one of her team members ran to her, shouting “Typewriter! Typewriter! Typewriter!”
“That warbler has a call that sounds like an old manual typewriter,” Foster said, chuckling.

Blue Bunting

The Blue Bunting was last spotted in Laredo in 2005 and drew an estimated 1,000-2,000 birders from all over the United States within a three-week time frame after it was listed on eBird.

South Texas Birds

South Texas Sparrows